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Things to consider when buying organic food

In the world that we live in right now, we are all feeling that we must play our part in saving the Earth as we go and creating a more sustainable environment. However, many people still feel disheartened by the higher price tags hanging on the organic food section in the supermarket.

So many questions: is it really sustainable? Is it better for the environment? Is it better for our health? But, what really is organic food and what should we consider when doing our food shop each week?

Under the guidance and legislation of many worldwide governments, organic food must be grown and packaged using natural farming resources and that promote biodiversity. And regarding packaged foods, they must be labelled that it is made with organic ingredients.

Benefits of organic food

As mentioned prior, there is much debate over whether organic foods are better for our health. The labels on organic food are very clear about what is and isn’t inside of the food, for example, artificial colours and flavours. These particular elements are those that research has shown are not particularly healthy for our bodies, and that organic food does not contain these. Hence why individuals are choosing to invest their money in these foods. However, no solid research has been proven to show that organic food is particularly better, therefore the decision is left solely up to the shoppers!

Tips for going organic

Read the labels!

When purchasing organic foods it is always best to check the labels! Everything is labelled clearly and states exactly what the food contains. Even individual fruit and vegetables have stickers to prove their organic status, and often where they were grown.

Keep within your budget

Most people feel limited with their shopping budget and tend to go for the cheaper options, however, there are ways around this self-induced barrier. By buying foods that are in season, for example, strawberries in the summertime can be incredibly beneficial. As it means that the foods are in mass production at that time and are being grown right at that very moment! Also buying foods in bulk can go hand in hand with your expenses, rather than overbuying and feeling pressured to eat whatever is in your fridge before the expiry date knocks on the door!

Shopping local

Supermarket prices can be daunting, but farms and farmers markets can be a great option! Supporting local businesses and playing a part within your community can also be a great personal boost. It can also bring confidence as you know exactly where your food has come from.

Don’t feel pressured!

Shopping organically and locally is not always in reach for everyone, and that is okay! Making small changes and adaptions here and there will most definitely make an impact either way. Simply consuming more fruit and vegetables are beneficial to everyone’s health – whether they are organic or not. The most important thing is to not pressure yourself to transform your whole lifestyle after one food shop – everything makes a difference!

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